The Gardening and Landscaping Service Center consist of 68 staff, including 2 managers and 15 professional technical workers. All staffs are highly trained with a lot of professional experience. The service center currently service more than 350000 sq.m. in over 20 projects of which 4 projects reach the national level, 3 reach the city level and 3 was awarded as Capital Garden Apartments. Back to Navigation

Modern Equipments

The service center use Honda garden maintenance machines, including 25 croppers, 5 irrigators, 3 hedge cutters. A maintenance team ensures the machines are kept in excellent condition.
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Cost Control

Our service center has a lot of practical and cost management experience and good relationships with gardening product companies, provision suppliers and equipment maintenance departments, ensuring excellent cost control.
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Visit and Cooperation

Gardening and Landscaping Manager, Xu Wenliang welcomes visits and corporation from all interested parties.
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