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For supporting "Hope Projects", Yinda Property established a Hope Primary School named Mandulaguomen in the north of Inner Mongolia which is a depressed area adjacent to Mongolia. The average income of people there is less than one thousand, so that they cannot afford children's tuition. After knowing about these situations, Yinda donated 260 thousand Yuan and held a large beneficence activity, totally collecting 400 thousand Yuan for building a three storey school in September 2003. The opening ceremony was held in the primary school. Yinda summoned it's employees to donate in support of the student's tuition fees to ensure that they finish school. In less than 3 days Yinda managers donated 14490 yuan to help 63 students. A Yinda Hope Scholarship was also established. From July 17th to 19th, 2004, 47 Yinda employees attended the opening ceremony of the primary school and donated 17250 yuan, the tuition for the full year on Yinda's behalf. Honor certificates and 200 yuan was awarded to top students from all grades. 8 Computers were also donated to the school. The company furthermore made a commitment to sponsor students who was willing and able to attend university. Local government and the China Youth Development Foundation thanked and praised Yinda for the support of Hope Projects .