The benefit between staffs and customers is vital. "Yinda Property is committed to providing all our staffs with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged to improve the overall effectiveness of our company. It is also committed to providing all our staffs with the same concern, respect and caring attitude that we expect from each staff towards every Yinda customer.

Same as the principle "Customers Oriented", Yinda insist on "Staffs Oriented" in management. The preconditions for providing services beyond the expectations of our customers are to ensure staffs' rights and interests, and to keep them long-term committed.
Establishing corporate culture, indoctrinating Yinda's principle, bringing care into the work place becomes staffs' habit. Yinda's culture is closely attached to its management.

The Culture Committee plays an important and supporting role by listening to staffs' grievances and collecting their opinions. Staffs' satisfaction is an important factor of the leadership team test. Staffs' benefits should be protected because without a corporate culture, without a strong corporate team, there cannot be a successful company.

Our first-line customer oriented staff represents the character of Yinda's culture which is
"People Oriented".