The need for self-worth advancement is to establish an organization of learning to the benefit of staff's careers. Yinda Property is committed to providing all our staffs with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged to improve the overall effectiveness of our company. It is also committed to providing all our staffs with the same concern, respect and caring attitude that we expect from each staff towards every Yinda customer.
Yinda insists on the principle of " Everyone Training, Whole Life Training", emphasizes the specialization of staffs and the overall improvement of our leadership team. Every year, through training, text, competition, position change and shared experience, we gain a large number of experts, including professional skilled workers, young managers and first-line service workers.
For several years, the corporate development and staff's growth has turned the company into a learning organization, ensuring the improvement of our leadership team and ensuring our commitment to our customers.
Yinda always encourages staffs to use their imagination and creativity, as every new idea and suggestion with creativity can foster improved changes to a company through new innovations and development. Yinda Property advocates creativity through the implementation of new applications into it's services by producing new quality and improved services, adjusting managing structures and developing new skills, therefore providing more benefits to our customers and a more efficient and improved company.
The guaranteed quality of the modern service industry is the result of advanced operational systems. Each member of this system plays an equal important role, thus Yinda advocates a team-working spirit for everyone in it. The main goal and objective has been to establish a corporate team, which ensures shared managerial information, experience and the deepening awareness of service that has made Yinda a highly respected and competitive Industry leader.
Just as the principle "Customers Oriented", Yinda insist on "Staffs Oriented" in management. The preconditions for providing services beyond the expectations of our customers are to ensure staffs' rights and interests and keeping them highly motivated.
Yinda encourages strong customer relations from it's staff "Examples Are Powerful", the company commends outstanding workers and publicizes their achievements in Melody, Yinda's corporate magazine, every year.
Yinda has set up a Party Branch. The labour Union established a culture committee for hearing and collecting staffs' complaints, suggestions and opinions. Staff satisfaction is just as important to the leadership team as customers' satisfaction and believes that staffs' benefits must be protected. Yinda also provides services and various activities for staffs such as a clinic, dining hall, Yinda choir, football team, basketball team and others. By improving staffs' culture and life standards, ensures the quality of Yinda's services and customers' benefits.
Yinda Property Management include departments such as Public Relations, Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Culture Committee, Customer Service, Quality Management Control and Auditing, Market Research, Webmaster, Landscaping and Gardening Service, Fitness & Health Club, Healthcare and Training Service Center.