Founded in 1997, Beijing Yinda Property Management Company is a China-Hong Kong joint venture, specializing in property management and long-term value-added services.

In the provision of its services, Yinda integrates the best of international standards and practices with the local social environment. Combining the most advanced methodology with individual empowerment to forge a strong service ethos and culture, Yinda's corporate vision is to provide services beyond our customers' expectations , while nurturing the professional development of our employees.

Satisfying Diverse Customer Requirements The rapidly developing real estate market in China requires the simultaneous development of a strong property management industry. Yinda's customers, whether developers or investors in commercial properties or private owners of small residences, each have their own specific service needs. Yinda is committed to meet these ever-changing requirements by continually updating, developing and expanding its range of service products.

Ensuring Return to Investors while Maintaining or Increasing Property Values Yinda's primary goal is to work on behalf of its clients to enhance and protect the value of the properties under its management.
In all aspects of our services, from property investment consultancy, through to quality care and maintenance of facilities and equipment,
Yinda works with both tenants and owners to enhance value and maximize financial returns for investors.

Providing Customer Satisfaction Beijing Yinda Property Management Company prides itself on its commitment to providing services above and beyond the expectations of its customers. Customer satisfaction is Yinda's highest priority and is the foundation of its strict management systems and service procedures. Yinda has built strong guest-relations teams using staff of different academic credentials, nationalities and language abilities to meet each individual client's needs. Ultimately, our product is people and our clients' satisfaction is our paramount concern.

Investing in Information Technology Yinda pursues standards of technical excellence to provide the most convenient and most efficient information services to our customers in China. Yinda has invested and developed its own state-of-the-art information management system that enables real-time responses to changing market conditions and customer needs, while also ensuring efficient use of company resources.

Maintaining International Management Standards Yinda was awarded certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (UKAS) in September 1999 and ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems in October 2000. In fact, Yinda is the first company to be awarded both ISO certificates in the Beijing property management sector. Yinda is currently working towards OHSAS 18001 certification, and the merging of these three systems will ensure that Yinda maintains its international standard of professional excellence.

Fulfilling Social Responsibilities and Obligations Yinda is strongly committed to providing local employment opportunities, thereby contributing to the economic development and growth of the community. Yinda is significantly involved (both financially and through dedicated employee involvement) in supporting environmental protection, social and cultural development, and in providing assistance to the physically and economically disadvantaged sections of the community. Yinda regularly supports disaster relief programs as well as local charities including the Red Cross, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Project Hope Primary Schools. Through its professional involvement in corporate and residential communities, Yinda is active in using its own service delivery as a tool to increase the awareness of its customers for continuous improvement in all aspects of the health and welfare of the local community.