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For those seeking to invest in real estate in Beijing, Yinda uses its experience and contacts to assist with:
  • Providing market research surveys and analysis.
  • Legal consultation.
  • Project selection analysis.
  • Investment procedural assistance.
  • Market promotion.
  • Customer relations management.
  • Financial management assistance (e.g. revenue payments, taxation, foreign exchange, etc.) ROI analysis and management.
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Based on experience gained through the management of a variety of projects utilizing a variety of facilities, equipment and construction materials and designs, Yinda is able to provide valuable consultation services for:
  • Real estate design consultancy based on the real experiences of end users.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Construction material selection and application.
  • Planning and uses of public areas.
  • Civil engineering applications.
  • Interior decoration monitoring.
  • Equipment installation and overall quality control.
  • Resource conservation and utilization.
  • Establishing management operating systems that can ensure a long-term ROI.
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The completion of construction on a new project and its ensuing hand-over is an important time for laying out guidelines and regulations pertaining to future management as well as investigating and recording the quality of all materials and equipment. With vast experience in hand-over procedures and in-depth knowledge of areas requiring close attention, Yinda can provide valuable consultation services for:
  • Quality acceptance formalities for developers of property and systems equipment.
  • Construction follow-up regarding areas requiring further attention or repair at the time of hand-over.
  • Move-in procedures, registration and key hand-over to owners and tenants.
  • Development of users handbooks with clearly defined property management guidelines and procedures including specific rules and regulations pertaining to second decoration (where applicable).
  • Post-construction public area sanitation, beautification and preparation work.
  • Ongoing security and engineering maintenance services for period of residence.
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To ensure a building can operate smoothly in its intended capacity, equipment breakdowns must be prevented and responded to quickly in their unfortunate event. Yinda has significant experience in:
  • Preventative maintenance (including heavy and medium repairs) and routine maintenance for electromechanical, air-conditioning, water supply and drainage, communication, elevator and monitoring/network systems.
  • Real-time maintenance and repair services for corporate and residential clients.
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Currently providing 24-hour security on Yinda-managed buildings, public facilities, as well as some specifically tailored services for corporate and residential clients, Yinda is well positioned to share its experience in:
  • Preparing Security Reports on the needs of specific projects and their surrounding environment.
  • Planning emergency security procedures and ensuring their implementation.
  • Large-scale event security.
  • Car-park management.
  • Fire prevention/control consulting.
  • Security equipment and application software consulting.
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Yinda offers cleaning services for buildings, offices, public facilities and residential clients (including indoor and public area sanitation, garbage collection, pesticide services, etc.).

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Yinda provides hotel management services for residential projects (including lobby, general cleaning, housekeeping, catering, travel and business services).

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Following authorization from landlords, Yinda can provide a complete set of property rental and consulting services, including:
  • Creating a Rental Plan, based on current and anticipated market conditions.
  • Establishing rental rates based on rental plans as well as current and anticipated market changes.
  • Suitable marketing and promotional activities to meet above plans and targets.
  • Turn-key contracting.
  • Acceptance inspection and move-in procedures.
  • Contract renewal and termination.
  • Move-out procedures.
  • Rent collection on the behalf of the landlord including rental registration, taxation procedures and remittance assistance.
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Management of community and private clubhouse services, including:
  • Exercise and personal training.
  • Professional coaching.
  • Hosting of community sports meetings and events.
  • Hosting of professional recreation and entertainment events.
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Comprehensive healthcare services currently being established by Yinda to meet community and client needs include:
  • 24-hr professional medical care availability.
  • Out-patient clinics.
  • Professional medical home visitation services (Physicians and Nurses).
  • Medical guidance and personal healthcare consulting services.
  • Private and public lectures on sanitation, disease control and general preventative and curative healthcare.
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Planning and management of small- and large-scale events for clients, including:

  • Complete management of corporate or private events.
  • Conference organization.
  • Public relations, advertising and media coverage.
  • Ceremony management.
  • Entertainment and performance arrangement.
  • Site analysis and preparation.
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Yinda offers door-to-door delivery of a diverse number of commercial and residential products to its clients (including office equipment, household products, food/beverages, etc).

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Yinda invests in and provides professional canteen services for its employees and for client properties according to the individual working and living environmental requirements.

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Yinda offers a wide selection of gardening services, including:
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of landscaping services for both large-scale and private clients.
  • Flower and plant leasing.
  • Professional indoor and outdoor landscaping and gardening services.
  • Landscape construction services.
  • Pest control.
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