In 1997, Yinda managed an area of 160 thousand square meters (40 acres). In 1998, the area under Yinda's management increased to 352 thousand sq.m.(87 acres). This number increased to 652000 sq.m.(161 acres) in 2000 and 800 thousand sq.m.(198 acres) in 2001. Growing rapidly in 2002, the area expanded to 2 million sq.m.(494 acres). By 2003 Yinda managed 21 projects and broke through 3 million sq.m.(741 acres). This increased further to three million eight hundred and fifty-six thousand sq.m.(953 acres) in 2004. In 2005, the area increased to 3750000 sq.m., 3570000 sq.m in 2006 and 3660000 sq.m. in 2007. In 2008 the projects increased to 25 with an area of 183 thousand sq.m.

Yinda currently employ over 2 thousand people. 76% of its managers have Bachelors or higher level degrees and 28 have mid-level degrees. Yinda's highly skilled team includes a Professor from Qinghua University and experts from the U.S.A, South Affrica and Australia. Some of its employees have studied abroad. Yinda has further employed workers with managerial experience and ability, demobilized soldiers and laid-off workers.

Yinda Property has set up and uses LAN (Local Area Network) a very affective and productive operating system. LAN consists of 5 servers connected to 250 computers through 21 VPN(Virtual Private Network).using a property management information system invented by Yinda. Yinda has set up an effective office system, implementing management and office automation and also information networking.
In 2005, managers of Yinda contributed one year's tuition; 17250 yuan for the Mandulaguomen Hope Primary School to the China Youth Development Foundation (Inner Mongolia Branch). A scholarship of 4000 yuan was awarded to eight students who attended middle school. Honor certificates and 200 yuan was awarded to the top students of all grades. 10 computers were also donated to the school.
Yinda and it’s customers of about two thousand, participated and donated actively during the Indian Ocean Tsunami fundraising activity. Over 70000 yuan was received from individuals. Yinda donated 200 thousand yuan.