The 2014 management meeting 22/2/2014

The 2014 management meeting is held in the East Gate Plaza on 22th February. Beyond 70 assistant managers attend it. During the meeting time, firstly quality management director named Limin makes a statement called “returning essence—analysis on satisfaction information of customers and customer service director named Ju Yingying takes the floor called “customer demands—our essence of existence”. Then 21 managers make the speech in terms of expanding creative services one by one, it gives rise to the new viewpoints into the further development strategic and reflect on current strategy. In the afterternoon, each running company manager make a statement on services and core businesses. Afterward director Huowei introduce us an environmental product called “I love water”. Deputy general manager named Daili make a summary on customer evaluation, normal running, cooking business, marketing research and development , human resource , training and other aspects. 

 In the end, the general manager named Zhang Zhenxiu make a summary speech. Today our company have own service brand and the professional team of high execution. The changeable market environments and customer demands force us to develop new products and creative ideas. After this meeting, we will discuss each creative program and we hope that there are more new viewpoints promoting to the future development.
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