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General Information:

International Apartment is a foreign-oriented apartment complex covering a total area of 86,000 square meters. It includes two apartment buildings, one of which is 16 stories, the other 12 stories in height, and a 26-story international business tower. For the apartment towers, all units are elaborately decorated with bedrooms facing the south.

Special facilities include central air-conditioning that can be controlled by individuals, an advanced independent circulating water-supply system with 3 band frequency and steady press that allows for constant hot and cold water. There is dual-purpose power supply and self-equipped emergency generators, as well as 1000m of community local network equipped with broadband connection. Guozhan is equipped with a telephone switchboard and network exchange for each apartment, convenient for both business and personal needs. An intelligent one-card system is used for entrance security, parking and consumption services. The parking garage is 4.5 meters, with separate pathways for individuals and vehicles. Closed cable TV monitoring is in place for 24-hr surveillance. Visual telephones are provided for each individual that are connected to the local community network, enabling for resource sharing. Satellite television is available in each unit.

The ground floor hall features a solar-powered tropical garden, a thermally controlled swimming pool for all seasons, tennis courts, fitness center, and children's playground.

Surrounding the complex are 5000 square meters of commercial facilities.

Location & Transport:

West of the International Exhibition Center, on the Northeast Third Ring Road, and close to the commercially viable area of the Lufthansa Center. Southward lies the Sanlitun embassy area, while to the northeast is the Capital Airport highway.

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