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General Information:

Silver Maple Gardens is situated at the DaShanZi exit of the Beijing Capital Airport Expressway making it convenient to the entire Northern and Eastern areas of Beijing. The project has a development area of 100 thousand square meters, with 250 thousand square meters of construction divided amongst 9 separate buildings. Silver Maple Gardens is being developed in 3 stages. Phase 1, completed in 2000, has a construction are of 62 thousand square meters divided amongst three 9 storey apartment buildings with one 3000 square meter health and recreation clubhouse. Phase 2, completed in 2002, consists of three 20 storey apartment towers with a total construction area of 100 thousand square meters. Located next to the 17 thousand square meter WangJing Park, Silver Maple Gardens has its own green space with a total area exceeding 40% of the total development, resulting in an attractive enviroment for residents and visitors. The combination of this scenery, along with the developments' proximity to major hotels, office centers, schools and hospitals makes it a highlight of the Beijing real estate map.

Location & Transport:

Located just off the DaShanZi Exit on the Beijing Capital Airport Expressway, Silver Maple is convenient by car form both 3rd and 4th ring roads. The 402, 403 and 418 bus routes all pass the front gates of the development and with the 5th ring road being constructed beyond the development, further conveniences in transport are expected in the coming years.¡£

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