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General Information:
Zijin Chang'an is an apartment project located to the north of the Wu Kesong Olympic Stadium and to the north of Jingouhe Avenue, east of Xicui Road and west of the West Fourth Ring Road.

The project consists of high rise apartment buildings separated by central gardens. Zijing Chang'an consists of 4 functional areas which are divided by inner paths and landscapes. The first three areas make up the main section of Zijing Chang'an.
1. Courtyard area, in the south
2. Garden area, in the west
3. Park area, in the north
4. Commercial area, in the east, with a large mall already opened for business.
Zijin Chang'an offers a peaceful & safe environment for its residents.

Location & Transport:
Conveniently situated on the following bus routes; No.609, 617, 849, 981, 373, 728, 983, 740, 751 and also subway line 1

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